6 Phrases That Show You’re Losing the Deal



6 Phrases That Show You’re Losing the Deal

Written by Aja Frost

Some salespeople develop a gut instinct for knowing when their prospects are losing interest. This “spidey sense” is highly useful: If you can identify when a good-fit buyer is about to slip away, you can devote some extra energy to reeling them back in. That’s far more productive than losing the deal and being forced to start from scratch with a new prospect.

Fortunately, you can pick up on a buyer’s declining interest without impressive levels of intuition. Certain phrases signal your prospect just isn’t that into your product. If you hear any of these six statements, you’re in trouble and should reassess your strategy.

1) “My schedule is jam-packed for the next few [days, weeks, months], so I’ll get back in touch as soon as it clears up.”

Prospects usually give a variation on the “busy” line…

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