8 Voicemail Techniques That Lead to Closed Deals


 8 Voicemail Techniques That Lead to Closed Deals

A major portion of B2B sales phone prospecting calls will end up going to voicemail. For that reason, getting your best results depends on solid voicemail techniques.

When it comes to voicemail messages, here are eight tips that’ll transform your strategy — and ultimately, your prospects’ responses.

1) Go in with the right expectations

I often hear salespeople complain prospects never return their calls after they’ve left a voicemail. That means the salesperson expects the prospect to call them back if she’s interested.

So when no one calls back, their expectations are not met — and they think either their product isn’t in-demand, or they are not a good salesperson. Neither of these conclusions are correct. In reality, the rep’s expectations were off.

Prospects (especially decision makers) are extremely busy and get a large volume of calls, emails, and voicemails from people trying to sell them something. If they…

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