New Employee Orientation & Onboarding A guide for new employees and their managers


New Employee Orientation & OnboardingBEFORE THE EMPLOYEE’S START DATE

Outcomes: This is a welcoming work environment with informed colleagues and a fully-equipped workspace; new employees feel “settled in” on their first day.

Schedule and Job Duties

  • Submit the Hire transaction
  • Call employee:
    • Confirm start date, time, place, parking, dress code, etc.
    • Identify computer needs and requirements.
    • Provide the name of their onboarding buddy.
    • Remind employee to complete tasks on the New Hire Activity page in Atlas.
  • Add regularly scheduled meetings (e.g. staff and department) to employee’s calendar.
  • Prepare employee’s calendar for the first two weeks.
  • Plan the employee’s first assignment.


  • Email department/team/functional area of the new hire. Include start date, employee’s role, and bio. Copy the new employee, if appropriate. (See Tools & Resources)
  • Set up meetings with critical people for the employee’s first few weeks.
  • Arrange for lunch with the appropriate person(s) or buddy for the first day and during the first…

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