Things Not to Do While Cold Calling


While many prospecting methods exist nowadays – including email, social media, and even snail mail – cold calling via the telephone is still the primary method used by most salespeople. That’s because cold calling just works best. The other prospecting methods can be extremely effective, but they tend to take much longer to move someone from a lead to a customer. For the salesperson in a hurry, cold calling is the way to go.

Yet some salespeople report a complete lack of successful cold calling. What’s going on here? Those salespeople are probably making one or more of the below common cold calling mistakes.

Not Enough Phone Time

Some salespeople feel like they’re spending all their time prospecting, without results. But what those salespeople are actually doing is spending all their time PREPARING to cold call, without actually doing a lot of cold calling. They are collecting lead lists, researching leads, going…

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