How to Better Engage Buyers in the First Sales Call


How to Better Engage Buyers in the First Sales Call.png

By David Jacoby,

Many sales tend to over-focus on creating scripts for their sales teams. These include prospecting scripts, presentation templates, responses to common objections, and lists of questions to ask buyers. Scripts can be a great learning tool for your team to improve their selling skills, but you should use them with caution.

My experience with relying on scripts is that in the real world the sales rep comes off sounding like a person reading a script, not an engaged advisor. Reading from a script also makes it more difficult for the salesperson to listen. The sales person is so worried about getting the script right that they ignore what the other person is saying.

One area where scripts won’t work at all is during the discovery process. Asking insightful questions is a complex process. Here the discussion can take so many unexpected turns that is unrealistic to stick…

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