12 Sales Meeting Topics for Your Team


Group of Multiethnic Designers Brainstorming

Meetings are necessary for every sales team, but can often get derailed and become unproductive. This might be because the topics you’re covering in your weekly sales meetings are not the most important things to be focusing on.

Sales meetings are the time when you should be delivering the most important, top-of-mind information to your team. If your sales meeting topics are missing the mark, here are some to consider:

Team Bonding and Motivation

1. Introduce new team members

All new sales reps should be introduced to the team. Ask new reps to introduce themselves briefly, including a few words about their non-professional lives. Team members who are well integrated into the existing team are more likely to ask for support and succeed.

2. A (short) motivational talk

Most weekly meetings take place on Monday when a small pep talk can be sorely needed. Bestselling author Grant Cardone recommends starting with a brief motivational talk…

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