“No” and Other Sales Objections That Don’t Have to End Conversations


“No” and Other Sales Objections That Don_t Have to End Conversations

By: Molly Depasquale

Anyone who’s ever worked in sales knows these common responses: “We work with a competitor,” and of course, “No.” Whether truthful replies or strategic conversation-enders, sales objections are just the nature of the business.

Many discussions with potential buyers end that way, especially after your prospect has a better understanding of your services and/or product. For many salespeople, “competitor” and “no” are the end of a conversation. But they can also become an opportunity to turn your discussion around.

These common responses are surmountable. It’s simply a matter of what you choose to do from there.

Getting Ahead of Sales Objections

Before these words ever leave a prospect’s mouth, you can stymie them with preparedness and proactivity. Going into a meeting or conversation with a strategy is always the best way to approach a lead. What should you consider when devising your plan?

  • What do you know about your prospect, their company…

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