How To Effectively Reach A Decision Maker (Plus, 3 Mistakes To Avoid)


If you think that every decision maker fits the same cookie cutter description, we have news for you.

The process of finding, reaching, and effectively persuading a decision maker is always different.

According to the Harvard Business Review, the average buying-group size is 5.4 people and most companies don’t have a top-down approach.

Get ahead with these four tactics to effectively reach decision makers. Plus, simple mistakes to avoid from Yesware’s own sales team.

Start knowing when decision makers are opening your emails.

4 Actions That Effectively Identify And Entice Decision Makers

1. Map Out The Ideal Persona — Who Are You Selling To?

Before you start looking, you’ll need a map of who you’re trying to find: the ideal personas.

Most companies don’t have a top-down approach. Decision makers fall into three major categories:

  1. Decision makers: Who will ultimately make the call to sign the paperwork.
  2. Advocates: Who does the…

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