7 Mistakes Managers Make When Doing Performance Appraisals


Performance appraisals should be as fair as the criteria and measurements used to base the assessments on. It is all about making unbiased assessments of employees and having data to support those assessments.

The only way to be objective when evaluating an employee’s performance is to support evaluations with very specific criteria. This is why it is so important to tie performance appraisals to employee goals.

If goals are written at the beginning of the performance rating period, and if there is ongoing communication with the employee about their performance, then performance appraisals can be straightforward with a painless delivery.

Writing and delivering performance appraisals should be done through a multi-step process.

Employee goals should be written to support departmental goals which ultimately support organizational goals and strategy. Employee goals should be written to include specific and measurable objectives. These measures are what supply most of the data used in the performance appraisal process.


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