The Smart Salesperson’s Guide to Finding Quality Leads and Cold Calling


Your ability to create opportunities is the single most important ingredient for how successful you will be in prospecting and developing new business.

Salespeople who are “creators”:

  • Initiate conversation with anyone and everyone … cold
  • Take control of all next steps (“I’ll call you”; I’ll come to you”; I’ll email you”)
  • Love the “hunt” or chase
  • Demonstrate self-starter behavior
  • View being assertive as a necessary step to advance a sales opportunity or relationship
  • Derive job satisfaction from “making something from nothing”
  • Sell, often, for ego and money
  • Enjoy the unknown
  • Believe in the old adage that “you never know unless you ask/try”

So before you take on a role that requires prospecting and initiating contact with customers, ask yourself if you have the necessary attitude and abilities. If your answer is YES, then your next question is…

Where Do I Find Quality Leads?

1. Find Out What…

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