Marketing to Millennials – 28 Ideas From The Pros


Marketing to Millennials – 28 Ideas From The Pros.jpg

Short attention span, digital natives, browsers-not-buyers, multi-taskers and socially conscious – these are just a few of the characteristics that people associate with millennials. This generation, which has overtaken baby boomers as the largest generation, is moving into their prime spending and working years; hence, marketing to millennials should be an important consideration for your business.

Here are our 28 ideas on how to effectively tap millennials.

Channels and Tools Marketers Should Use To Reach Millennials

marketing to millennials1. Utilize Google advertising.

Marc Prosser, Fit Small Business

Ask any millennial where they would go to search for something on the internet, and you’re likely to get a simple answer: “I’d Google it.” Don’t waste the opportunity to make sure that your business is one of the first results they see! Click here to read our full guide about advertising on Google–we’ll even tell you how to get $200 in free advertising!

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