How to Write Effective Sales Scripts for Cold Calling


How to Write Effective Sales Scripts for Cold Calling.jpg

By Adam Honig

Cold-calling is a task that many salespeople dread. Cold-calling is unpredictable, exasperating, and dull, so there are a few reasons why it’s unpopular. To mitigate this, sales managers try to make great sales scripts available so that sales reps aren’t just thrown into the wilderness blind. A great sales script can mean all the difference between someone hanging up on you and moving someone down the sales pipeline. If you want to write better sales scripts, take a look at some of the tips in this post.

(And add a sales automation CRM to that awesome sales script and you’ll be unstoppable!)

Before You Write

There are a few things you want to have in order before you just sit down and start writing a draft of the script. First, you’ll need to select a featured product or service that you can pitch them. Next, you’ll need to identify your…

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