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PaperChain Members,
We’ve seen a lot of activity coming out of the USPS this past week including the highest rate increase ever proposed.
The worst possible news was the ECR-FLATS  entered at the SCF, the new rate is increasing 8.5% or $.014 each piece. I doubt many of my inserting customers will easily accept an increase of that size.
They have also announced the two promotions that through PaperChain we’ve been able to assist our members by providing a camera ready, prequalified ad in order to receive the 2% upfront discount. The two promotions will cover a total of 10 months.
I know several of you have asked when we will be providing a similar ad for the coming year. Right now we are waiting for the details on the requirements involved in qualifying. Other than the dates, the USPS has not posted any requirements yet.
I just received this email from MTAC on a planned webinar on the third week of December for the first available promotion called Emerging Technologies (see below).
In the past each year they would rachet up the requirements so until we know the requirements we can’t move forward but as soon we can get our hands on their plans we will do our best provide a qualifying plan.
Our next Conference call will be on Wednesday, November 28th at 1pm. I’ll try to get an agenda out shortly.
In the meantime, I did speak with Michael Forgash recently and told him we would need to look at some reductions in the rate to continue our SRDS program for another renewal but until all members of the LLC established their upcoming year’s budgets we were at a standstill. I told him I would provide an update after our next call.
It would be very helpful if your PaperChain pledges are available when we speak on the 28th.
Please let me know if you have any questions.
Thank you.
Dan Alexander | President & Publisher
Sun Community News and Printing
 (518) 873-6368 x206
 (518) 669-5903
 (518) 873-6360
 P.O. Box 338, 14 Hand Avenue, Elizabethtown, New York 12932

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