5 Alternatives to “It’s End of Month. Want to Buy?”


5 Alternatives to It_s End of Month. Want to Buy

Down to the last few days of the quarter and have that one prospect who just won’t close? It’s easy to start panicking and — like the Hulk — turn into a pushy salesperson. But there’s a better, less green, and more successful way to proceed. Instead of hounding your prospect with frantic phone calls and aggressive emails, try a more subtle approach.These five email templates will move deals forward without you ever having to say, It’s end of the month. Are you ready to buy?”

5 Email Templates to Close End-of-Month Business

1) The new pricing structure

This tactic is straight from Your SalesMBA founder Jeff Hoffman. He says, “If the end of the month or quarter is near and your prospect still hasn’t closed, wait until there are about three days left and send a new contract.”

Hoffman reasons that by this time, you’ve…

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