Examples of Employee Coaching


Examples of Employee Coaching

by Erin Schreiner

While some managers decide to lead their employees through tactics that are tantamount to intimidation, others prefer a more cooperative, group skill-building approach. When running your small business, consider adopting employee coaching practices as a way to both improve your relationship with your employees and help them reach their potential. By coaching your workers, you can mold them into the employees you want them to be instead of constantly bemoaning their shortcomings.

Collaborative Goal Making

When adopting an employee coaching model of management, business managers must allow employee input in the goal-making process. By letting employees work as goal setters, management can show these workers that they are important members of the business team instead of simply lowly employees. This collaborative goal making can occur in a meeting in which all employees are given a voice or can be an ongoing process completed digitally in which employees…

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