7 Ways to Add Personality to the Sales Process


7 Ways to Add Personality to the Sales Process

As comedian John Mulaney so aptly put it, “We spend half of our day convincing robots that we are not, in fact, robots.” Unfortunately, a lot of us in sales are doing a darn good job of imitating droids with our robotic “I think you’d really enjoy this new tool blah blah” emails.

This isn’t to say you shouldn’t distribute your company content through your sales emails because you should absolutely be doing that. But part of talking to real humans (and earning the right to sell to them) is proving that you yourself are human — by communicating in authentic ways and sending the kinds of emails even you might actually want to read. Tap into some basic human empathy, and borrow these tactics that I use every day to prove I’m really not a sales robot:

1) Maximize meaningful moments.

I once sent a woman…

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