5 Ways To Kill Indecision In Your Prospect’s Mind


5 Ways To Kill Indecision In Your Prospect_s Mind

Written by Sean McPheat

It’s one of the biggest frustrations in a salesperson’s experience.

You’ve done your research on the buyer and their company…you have uncovered all the possible objections the prospect has in mind…you’ve presented the solutions for their concerns…you’ve even discussed a reduction in price for increased orders.

It’s obvious the prospect is going to say ‘yes’. Isn’t it?

There’s no alternative. Is there?

The solution is right in front of their eyes. Isn’t it?

And yet…

They come out with the age-old deflater, “I’ll think about it and get back to you.”

Yes, this expression can confuse, frustrate and anger you all at the same time.

What on earth is there to think about? You’ve gone through all the benefits.

You’ve highlighted the appropriate product features. Are they just stupid, or what?

Well, you might not understand their reasons for procrastinating or not making decisions, but to the prospect…

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