How to Use Call Center Games to Improve Agent Performance


How to Use Call Center Games to Improve Agent Performance

By Kat Worman

Gamification’s ultimate goal might be superior customer experiences resulting in more satisfied and longer-term customers, but the way it does this is through modern agent engagement that leverages gaming science and psychology to increase agent productivity while reinforcing positive behaviors.

How? By motivating agents to meet or exceed expectations by completing specific objectives and outpacing their peers.

Proven as one of the best ways to engage agents, gamification also helps contact center leaders more easily measure and manage agent performance, which naturally improves due to gamification’s ongoing effect.

It seems the hardest part about contact center gamification is just getting started. But it doesn’t have to be—here are four ways you can rock gamification right now.

1. Connect gamification to corporate goals.

Each contact center needs to tailor its gamification strategies and tactics to the unique goals and needs of its business. A company trying to decrease costs…

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