The 10 Questions That Will Uncover All-Prospect Problems


The 10 Questions That Will Uncover All Prospect Problems

Written by Sean McPheat

We often talk about how to present solutions and results-oriented discussions with prospects for when they need to know how we can help them.

Naturally, there are many ways to get the prospect aware of how our services can improve their business.

But how about when the prospect doesn’t feel the need for change at the moment?

What if they think the current situation they are in is adequate and doesn’t need improving?

How about if they are comfortable or satisfied with the status quo?

This is sometimes a dilemma for some salespeople, and often they will just say thank you and move on to find someone else who is aware of the problems they have.

In reality, every prospect should have a need, even if it’s just the need to keep up with the changes that are happening in their industry.

But what if they can’t recognize that?

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