10 Sales Tips To Kick Start 2019!


by Daniel Disney

It’s 2019, a BRAND NEW year and a year full of opportunities to sell!

Some of you will have had a successful 2018’s, some of you may not have. Now is the time to reflect back on what did work and what didn’t to sculpt a plan for this year. Learn from the lessons you need to learn from, repeat what worked well and make 2019 your best year yet.

To help kick this year off with a BANG, here are 10 sales tips that should help you fill up your pipeline, overcome more objections and become closing masters!

1) Talk a WHOLE LOT less and listen a WHOLE LOT more!

Sounds simple but I guarantee you there are so many lost sales opportunities because salespeople just didn’t listen properly. Make this the year you make more of an effort to talk less on sales calls and…

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