Prospect CPR: Reviving Dead Leads


Prospect CPR Reviving Dead Leads


In sales, we like to say, “Buy or die,” but that’s rarely the case. Instead, what most sales professionals should say is: “Buy or I’ll leave you to die.” Let’s get real, that’s what usually happens. The salesman drops the ball. Then down the road, when the salesman who dropped the ball is replaced by “the new guy” it’s up to “the new guy” to revive the ball dropper’s old leads.

Reviving Dead Leads is a Quick Way to Make Some Sales

Most people, whether in sales or not, hate being rejected. It shuts them down. They don’t know how to take it or react to it. The word “no” scares the hell out of people. Most folks will do anything they can in order to avoid hearing it. This includes letting good leads die by not following up properly. The fear of “no” leaves a wake…

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