5 Items to Improve Your Sales Meeting Agenda


5 Items to Improve Your Sales Meeting Agenda

By Ray Makela

On this episode, Kenneth Vogt, owner at Vera Claritas asks: What do you cover in your weekly sales meetings? If you have a weekly meeting with your sales team, what is regularly on the sales meeting agenda? What is useful to you as a manager? What is useful to your salespeople?

Video Script

Well, I love that question because often sales meetings get a bad rap. And what happens is that these meetings are used more as an opportunity for the sales manager to scrutinize the activities of the sales team for that week, and sometimes beat them up on where they’re deficient.

A different approach to the sales meeting is to think first about the sales team. It should be about motivating them, improving their performance, training them, and solving their problems. Not using it as a replacement for reviewing a report, or a one-on-one, which should be…

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