Top 10 Rules for Successfully Building a Sales Culture



Posted by Dave Kurlan

More and more firms that aren’t traditionally sales-driven are finding it necessary to finally build more of a sales culture.  They know they need to do a better job at selling in order to deal with increasing competition, fewer call-ins, commoditization of their products and services, aging rainmakers looking at retirement, etc.

Management seems to understand that they need to be more proactive in bringing in business, cross-selling and up-selling. They’re saying the right words.  They’re asking the right questions.  But can they pull it off?

Often times not.  Many of these same executives, when it comes time to assess their employees, become hypocritical.  The reason to evaluate a group like this is to learn who it would be fair to ask to participate in more aggressive business development.

It’s nice to want more of a sales culture but a morale-killer to ask people unsuitable or disinterested in…

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