Sales Leaders, Are You Making Any Of These 5 Leadership Mistakes?


Would your sales team say you are more like Blake from Glengarry Glen Ross or Michael Scott from The Office?

Studies show that sales teams with bad managers make on average 20 percent or more less than sales teams with good managers. Now is the time to take note of any bad manager mistakes you may have been making and formulate a plan to stop them in their tracks.

If you have been guilty of any of these 5 manager mistakes, then perhaps you have some work to do in 2019.

1. Remembering You’re the Leader

The chief. The head. The commander of the troops. That should be you. But if you find yourself just sporadically checking in on your reps and not being the one in the forefront guiding them through their deals, then perhaps you need to improve your leadership skills.

Remember to treat your…

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