The Ultimate Guide to Structuring a 90-Day Onboarding Plan


the ultimate guide to structuring a 90-day onboarding plan

By Alida Miranda-Wolff

It’s an employee’s market, especially in tech.

Unemployment nationally is at 4.1% and even lower in areas like professional and business services, financial activities, healthcare, and of course, technology.

The effect is that retention numbers in tech are at critically low levels, including an average tenure of one to two years at some of the most respected tech companies.

In other words, onboarding has never been more important.

study from BambooHR found that approximately 17% of employees who are hired leave in their first three months at a new job, while nearly 30% leave in their first six months.

The Onboarding Myths

Problems with onboarding are not new. Yet, they persist today for reasons ranging from limited time and resources to the misconception that a Darwinian, “sink or swim” system will naturally select for winners over losers.

But let’s be clear: onboarding is necessary to save 

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