5 Easy Ways to Build Trust with Prospects


5 Easy Ways to Build Trust with Prospects

Jason Karaman

A prospect who does not trust you will not buy from you. It really does not matter what you are selling or what company you are with. Therefore, it’s important to build trust as soon as you can with the prospect/customer.

I know this first hand – early on in my career, I worked for a respected and reputable company. My product beat the competitions out in terms of price and quality, but I was still having a really difficult time closing deals. I had no idea why until a prospect told me that he did not trust that I would take care of him like his current supplier does.

At the end of the day, it was my failure to build trust that ended up costing me that sale, along with many others.

After that, building trust became a major focus of mine. Once I was able…

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