How to Plan Your Next Sales Off-Site Meeting


There typically is a robust agenda that covers numerous topics. Those could be a review of the YTD numbers. Maybe they are around poor performing areas or planning for the next fiscal year.

These off-sites are usually in a hotel or conference room and not in the office. For two days you sit in a room reviewing everything. The string of PowerPoint presentations are endless. Agendas are jam-packed with issues. You hate these off-sites. They don’t accomplish a lot. Many of the agreed-upon ideas don’t get implemented. And now you have to plan another one.

What should you do?

  • Answer the question: ‘Why an off-site?’
  • Construct an agenda (Remember: Less is more)
  • Determine who should attend the meeting
  • Pick a location that allows for productivity and the opportunity to have fun
  • Build in some team building exercises
  • Actually get something done that your team will use.


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