Enterprises aren’t slaking employee thirst for mobile apps


Enterprises aren_t slaking employee thirst for mobile appsby Adam Fingerman

Mobile phone usage has become a staple of our daily routine — even at work. It’s expected that by 2020, nearly half of the smartphones sold annually for personal use in North America will be used, in some capacity, for business purposes. As a result, more enterprises are investing in mobile apps for their employees to use at work. Typically designed to address specific pain points related to a job role, enterprise mobile apps can improve productivity, save time, and streamline employees’ ability to work on the go.

In fact, according to Gartner, demand for mobile development resources is expected to surpass available resources by a ratio of 5:1 this year, an indicator of how much employees and employers value the benefits of the technology.

However, according to recent research that we conducted, “Functional but Unfriendly: A Study of Enterprise Mobile App User Experience,” despite rapid investment…

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