8 Great Reasons to Start a Career in Sales


8 Great Reasons to Start a Career in Sales

Jason Karaman

In one of our most popular articles, we went over the key traits of successful salespeople. We had several people write to us and basically say “Ok, I have all those traits, but I am still not sure if I want to devote my professional career to sales, why would I choose sales over anything else?”

We live in a pretty cool world. You can literally choose to become anything that you want, whether it’s a doctor, lawyer, mechanic, restaurateur, academic professor, musician, barber, and everything in between. With all these choices, why choose the hyper-competitive and often abused the role of the sales professional?

For salespeople, we can’t really imagine doing anything different, but it’s definitely understandable to be apprehensive about a new career in sales during our uncertain economy, the skepticism of customers, the advance of technology, and the general idea that sales are a “feast…

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