The 5 Cs of Effective Sales Management


Effective Sales Management

By: Liz Heiman

Are you desperate for better results from your sales team? Before you fire them all, try the 5 Cs of effective sales management. Provide clarity, consistency, coaching, collaboration and don’t forget to celebrate!

The 5 Cs of Effective Sales Management

1. Clarity

When asked, sales reps are surprisingly unclear about the sales process, priorities, goals, expectations and even how to put information into the CRM. The clearer you are about what is expected, the more effective your sales team will be in delivering the results you need.

Set Goals – Work with each rep to develop a plan to achieve that goal. Specify clients, products, opportunities, regions or verticals to focus on.  The more specific the plan, the easier it is to execute.

Provide Guidelines for Success  – Discuss things like average sales cycles, the ideal number of calls and meetings, typical pricing structures, the balance of…

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