6 Reasons Why Salespeople Don’t Contact or Follow Up With Leads


6 Reasons Why Salespeople Don_t Contact or Follow Up With Leads


According to the late, great Chet Holmes, in order to make a sale, you’ll need to follow up with a prospect twelve times, eight of whom will tell you, “No.” “No” is the natural enemy of the salesman. Most humans fear their enemy. Therefore, most salespeople are scared to follow up. How’s that for lineage?

Most salespeople are scared of the word “No.”

The word “No” to most, means the sale is dead. There’s no money to be made and it’s a loss. By nature, salesmen are competitive and hate to lose. Losing is painful to most of us. Humans will do damn near anything to avoid pain. Knowing there’s a possibility of that pain becoming real, salespeople will work harder to avoid “No” than they will hear “Yes.”

Follow up takes skill.

If you know up front it’s going to take twelve contacts with eight of…

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