Interview Evaluation Form


Interview Evaluation Form

Credit: Mike Mazzei/

By Mike Mazzei 

Six-Point Job Candidate Interview Evaluation Form

After completing an interview based on behavioral interview questions, use the above six-point Job Candidate Interview Evaluation Form.

We recommend a 1-4 rating scale. This forces the interviewer to make a decision. With a 1-4 rating scale selecting a 2 is less than average. Selecting a 3 is better than average. On a 1-5 rating scale, it is too easy to select a safe midpoint rating. I could weasel out of taking a real position on the candidate by selecting a 3.

It is best when the interviewers do not infer their assessment unless they asked a direct specific question about that competency. If an interviewer is assigned questions to ask a sales candidate that deal with qualifying prospects, presenting products and services, and closing sales they should be giving opinions about those skills only. Their candidate assessment…

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