3 Reasons You Should Consider an App


 3 Reasons You Should Consider A Retail App

The web is getting more app-like every day, but there is still a business case for building a retail app.

The role of apps is evolving. Retail apps are becoming a platform to drive customer loyalty and create richer in-store experiences, in addition to their earlier transaction-focused role. Apps can differentiate the customer experience through sophisticated loyalty programs, gift registries, hardware (trackers, sensors, beacons), and advanced functionality (sizing with the camera, syncing between screens, location relevance).

Here are 3 reasons why you should consider building an app.

1. Loyalty and Rewards

Starbucks has $1.2 billion of their customers’ money prepaid onto plastic and virtual rewards cards – that’s more than most small banks. Starbucks customers are incentivized to load their cards frequently to get rewards, and 24% of them do it with the app. Beyond that, Starbucks was able to address one of their customers’…

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