3 Tips on How to Create Urgency


3 Tips on How to Create Urgency

Jason Karaman

Have you ever bought something “on a whim” because the price was discounted for a limited time?How about because there was a limited quantity and they were selling fast?

If so, whether you want to admit it or not, you bought because you felt the urgency to buy it while you have the chance. It could have been anything: clever discounting by the pricing team, a limited time offering, or seriously a “going out of business” sale. Regardless of the situation, someone or something created urgency for you to buy it right then.

Urgency is a powerful sales tool. It’s a difficult thing to actually master – you have to put enough pressure on the prospect to buy, but not too much pressure to scare them away. If done correctly, you have the possibility of closing more deals at a more efficient rate.

How do we create enough…

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