How to Create a Great Sales Pitch in 3 Steps


How to Create a Great Sales Pitch in 3 Steps

Written by Michael Halper

“Consultative selling” comes up again and again. But what does it really mean? And how can you make your sales pitch — which is traditionally product-centric — more consultative?

First, let’s dive into the differences between product selling and consultative selling. Then, I’ll explain how to create a consultative sales pitch. Finally, I’ll share a customizable connect call script that works with the consultative style.

Product Selling is Easier

If you compare product selling and consultative selling, it might seem obvious the second is better.

But most salespeople use the first approach. Why? It’s an easier way to try to sell.

Most salespeople have a lot of product knowledge, allowing them to talk to every prospect about their products without much extra thought or planning.

While a product selling sales pitch might be easier, it’s less effective. A push approach often repels prospects, damages rapport, and…

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