Too busy to see you?  Close for a firm future date.


Too busy to see youBy Jack Falvey

No matter how good your time management skills may be, your customers may not be able to manage their time to your levels and requirements.

They have bad days. 

They have things fall apart. 

They have no-show staff. 

They have breakdowns. 

That’s life, and that’s business.

You should be able to read all this in an instant. If you get the feeling in a few minutes that the customer is elsewhere, it is always best to set up a callback rather than try to force the customer back to where you want them to be.

If you can’t go for the close, at least go for the calendar.

Have a firm callback date in mind when you go in, not as a fallback position, but as a failsafe next-move strategy.  Once you close on a callback appointment, then list what you will do between now and then.

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