Seven Toxic Habits of Unsuccessful Sales People


By: Jessie Kwak

Are you seeing stagnant sales figures when your sales team looks busier than ever? It could be because your salespeople have fallen into bad sales habits and unproductive activities.

Whether it’s obsessing over knocking out low priority tasks or slipping into a monotonous voice while making phone call after phone call, it’s easy for salespeople to get off track.

“The irony is that the sales profession is all about talking with people, but there’s a willingness to prioritize anything that involves not talking to the prospect,” said Andy Paul, founder at Zero-Time Selling Inc.

He added:

Salespeople need to focus on the tasks that are related to helping customers make a decision.

“That’s their job,” he said. “Anything other than that, they should get rid of.”

Alice Heiman, the founder of Alice Heiman, LLC, said that while unproductive behaviors can be a real problem in the sales office…

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