Set Policies — and Limit Liability — for Employees’ Use of Smartphones, iPads and Social Media


Smartphone policy

Smartphone policy: 6 essential topics to include

By James P. Thomas and Kristin A. LaRosa, Esqs.

For years, we have counseled employers to develop and enforce a strict policy prohibiting employees from using cell phones while driving on company business. It’s an effective way to limit employer liability if an employee is involved in a traffic accident during working hours.

But a no-cellphone policy written five years ago may no longer be sufficient. Blame the rise of smartphones. Their functions encompass text messaging, email, web browsing, playing music and video, taking pictures and playing games.

That multifunctionality makes it more important than ever to have a mobile phone policy, not only to minimize the risks of talking on a phone while driving but for a number of other reasons as well.

Employers, the time is now. Establish and enforce realistic (and legal) limitations on employees’ use of their own computers…

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