How to Conduct an Interview in 5 Easy Steps


How to Conduct an Interview in 5 Easy Steps


Talent acquisition leaders around the world face a serious problem: hiring managers who cannot conduct effective job interviews. Having trained managers from the deserts of Baghdad to the jungles of Nigeria and the open-space offices of Silicon Valley, I find that how to conduct an interview is something that always comes up as a topic of interest.

It often seems as if people believe they are given the skill of interviewing once anointed with the title of “manager.” But when faced with the reality of conducting an actual interview, these same people are without a process to manage or a set of tools to use.The 5 Steps of an InterviewAs I see it, the “anatomy of an interview” consists of five steps:1. Interview Preparation2. Starting the Interview3. Asking the Questions4. Closing the Interview5. Assessing the CandidateBefore scheduling candidates for interviews, you should…

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