The Right Questions to Ask When Conducting An Interview


The Right Questions to Ask When Conducting An Interview

By: Paul Falcone

Let’s face it: knowing how to interview can be a challenge. Conducting an interview isn’t always fun and it doesn’t come all that naturally to lots of people. Why? Most interviewers are unarmed with the appropriate interview questions, unable to follow-up upon candidate responses and otherwise fill the void that often results when two strangers sit together for the first time.

In fact, many hiring managers fear to interview and hiring. Still, the stakes are exceptionally high in terms of building your team and furthering your own success.

There are a few simple tips that, when consistently applied, will help you identify candidates who are geared for progression in their careers and who can make an immediate contribution to your organization.

On closer analysis, the list is fairly intuitive. First, look for an individual’s ability to self-assess and articulate how he or she could make a positive contribution…

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