Etiquette of a Front Office Receptionist


Etiquette of a Front Office Receptionist.jpg2

by Kate McFarlin

A front office receptionist is often the first face visitors to your offices see. They are largely responsible for the first impression people have about a company. The demeanor of a front office receptionist is vital to company operations, and the receptionist’s level of courtesy can have far-reaching consequences. Proper training for this role is essential, as well as clearly outlining what is expected of the employee throughout her workday.


The appearance of a front office receptionist is important, and a dress code should be enforced. His personal hygiene must be well attended to, and his overall grooming should be neat and orderly. If your company has a casual dress code, it should be noted that certain pieces of clothing are not appropriate, such as shorts, short skirts, and revealing tops). If the person has tattoos, these should be covered up.

Phone Conversations

A front office…

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