3 Key Skills for Successful Change


With so many change models out there to follow, why is organizational change still so difficult?  Why do some efforts succeed and similar efforts fail?

CCL researchers recently set out to answer those questions. They asked 148 leaders about a change they successfully navigated in the past 12 to 18 months. The researchers then chose 127 other leaders and asked them about an unsuccessful change effort that they were involved within the same time frame.

Through this analysis, 3 competencies repeatedly were seen in successful change initiatives – communication, collaboration, and commitment.

Researchers found that these 3 skills provide the necessary connection between the process part of the change that models detail and the people part of the change that can make or break its success.

Leading a change initiative? Make sure you incorporate these 3 key competencies for success:

Infographic: 3 Key Competencies for Successful Change

1. Communication – Knowing what to say and how to say it…

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