5 tips for managing up


5 tips for managing up.jpg

Create your own plan for managing up, putting some of your own energy into consistently and visibly furthering the ideas of your managers.

The process of actively “managing up,” or actively working to further the goals of senior leadership, to mutual benefit, is more than just an occasional tactic or a meeting-room behavior. Managing up is a philosophy by which you frame your actions to makes sure that those leading you to feel as supported and energized by your efforts as those you are leading.

Interested in learning how to put your skills to use and make sure both you and your bosses end up on top? Read on.

Know what matters

To effectively work towards achieving the goals of senior leaders, first, you must know what they are striving to accomplish. Understanding what’s important is critical, and it’s not just about the day-to-day performance metrics or the…

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