How To Sell Online Display Advertising



By: Steve Bookbinder

Selling online display advertising may come as a challenge for those that have only previously sold traditional advertising since the industry is constantly changing. In order to become proficient at discussing and effectively selling digital advertising, you need to follow your “knows.”

Here are the 7 things you need to know about selling display advertising:

1. Know the Properties

First and foremost, you must understand what you’re selling. Do you check the site that you’re selling daily? Do you know the various sites that comprise the network you’re offering?

If you don’t understand the context of the sites, you can’t expect to sell it effectively or be able to convey the value to advertisers about why they should buy with you and not with someone else.

2. Know the Targeting Possibilities

How can you help advertisers target the users who visit your site(s)?

You may be able to…

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