The Do’s and Don’ts of Handling Objections


The Do_s and Don_ts of Handling Objections

Objections come up at a critical moment in the sales conversation. At this point, you’ve given your pitch, you’ve walked through why you believe your product or service is a great fit, and now you get to hear from your prospect. Are they ready to sign? Are they apprehensive? Has a poor relationship from their past created a current hurdle? No matter what objections you’re being faced with, these do’s and don’ts of handling objections should help you get across the finish line more often!

Address Any Fear or Misinformation

This is really the goal of handling objections, right? Once we’ve successfully explained why our product or service fits their unique needs, conveyed the differentiators, and fully understood their budget, it’s time to get a sense of how they’re feeling.

We know from recent neuroscience developments that the brain is always looking to conserve energy, meaning it will lean…

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