5 Strategies for Successful Information Gathering


5 Strategies for Successful Information Gathering

By: Molly DePasquale

Information gathering, also referred to as interviewing, is one of the most important steps during the sales process. It’s the part of the sale that helps determine whether the sale should, could, and would move forward.

This process will help you to qualify what type of prospect you would be working with and what product or service they’re ultimately interested in purchasing. If done properly, it will make the entire sale much smoother and easier.

Here are 5 strategies you can follow to ensure more effective information gathering in your next first meeting:

1. Be Proactive

research-book-openWhat do you know about the prospect/company/industry you’re meeting with?

Prior to every first meeting, you should be prepared with definitive knowledge about the company and industry you’re meeting with, as well as, general information about the person. Take it upon yourself to learn everything you would need to know to land this opportunity.


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