How to Eliminate Anxiety and Win Your Next Sales Call


 How to Eliminate Anxiety and Win Your Next Sales Call

By: Molly DePasquale

The daunting task of picking up the phone and actually calling someone can be frightening to some, heck it may even be terrifying. But, why let your nerves get the best of you? Anxiety is a common problem for salespeople who are faced with sales challenges such as budgets, pricing, legal, marketing, and a slew of other things.

So how can you conquer your anxiety and become the sales superstar you were born to be?

Preparation is a key element to creating and developing essential conversations that will enhance your deal flow. The best types of conversations are organized into parts so that the listener can fully comprehend the material being presented. This gives both parties the opportunity to fully take in the material being presented.

How should you start this plan?

Make a list of the questions you need to answer.

  • Are we calling somebody who runs a…

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