6 ways to captivate, convince and inspire customers


6 ways to captivate, convince and inspire customers

The late Steve Jobs functioned as Apple’s chief storyteller, engaging audiences by sharing stories that focused on the company’s signature — great design. His stories were effective because they aligned with customer experiences and expectations.

Spin or propaganda

Today’s customers don’t want to spin or propaganda. They want truth and authenticity. They listen to salespeople who tell compelling stories about their products and services, sharing genuine, credible and reliable information. Stories about problem solving, creativity and innovation fuel your target audience.

Your storytelling

When telling a story, avoid jargon and try to use a conversational speaking style. Use short sentences composed with simple language. Make your stories engaging by using dialogue and characters’ real names. Repeat and emphasize words or phrases that capture the story’s essence.

Connect with the audience

Sharing stories creates bonds and strengthens relationships with prospects and customers. Any time you can bring your…

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