How to Hit Your Sales Goals


By: Alice Heiman

Every sales leader is on a mission to hit or exceed their goals. So, why do so many fail? They’re missing crucial steps that will help them succeed.

I have worked with hundreds of sales organizations over the years. They have allowed me to see what separates the sales winners from those who don’t make their goal. Below, discover how YOU can hit your sales goals.

How to Hit Your Sales Goals

Write Down Your Motivators

What makes you want to hit your goals? Is it a new car? Your family? The money? The pride? The boasting factor? Understanding YOUR motivation keeps you on track. Imagine how it feels to settle into your new car, close the door and hear the satisfying click of the locks, the soft purr of the engine, the satisfaction of passing others on the freeway. Now that’s the image you want to resurrect…

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