How to Host A Meeting With Confidence [Free Agenda Template]


How to Host A Meeting With Confidence

By Melissa Williams
Without a meeting agenda template, you risk scheduling yet another unproductive meeting.
According to a study by Atlassian, employees are attending roughly 62 meetings a month — half of which are considered a waste of time.
That’s 31 unnecessary meetings.

Below are two meeting agenda templates you can use to plan meetings that are productive.

5 Ways All Meetings Are Not Equal And What to Do About It

Every day, people open their calendars blindly to book a meeting. Add participants. Find a room.

Keyword: blindly. They’re not recognizing the most important step and the key predictor of success:

Identifying whether the meeting is formal or informal.

It’s something that can’t be skipped because the answer dictates the agenda.

Here are five important distinctions between the two meeting types:

1. Buy-in: Have people already agreed to this meeting?

Formal meetings have a handshake before the agenda is…

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